My Top 10 favourite bands

1. EXO
favourite song: EXO M – Moonlight

favourite song: Break Out

favourite song: Still Alive
Super Junior
favourite song: A-Cha

4. SHINee
favourite song: Replay

5. B2ST
favourite song: Shadow

6. Infinite
favourite song: The Chaser

7. BAP
favourite song: Badman

favourite song: Bingeul Bingeul

9. SS501
favourite song: Love Ya

10. Girl’s Generation (SNSD)
favourite song: Paparazzi

There you go

If you are relaxing, I recommend ‘Moonlight’
If you are up and about, I’d recommend ‘Still Alive’, and ‘Badman’
If you are doing house chores, ‘Bingeul Bingeul’ would be a good one.


Hey There *awkward wave*

I’d like to start off by saying; I’m not great at this sort of stuff… at all.

Here I go:

I enjoy English and have much joy and writing stories or even just reading stories. When reading books, I imagine what I am reading and create my own world within the book.

I’m a very keen reader and have loved reading the ‘Harry Potter’ books, my sisters bought the books and read it themselves which encouraged me to do the same.

When I watch something, I can get extremely attached to it and get very angry at characters I don’t like. I believe I watch a very large variety of shows; from ‘Original British Dramas’ to anime and Korean dramas, I particularly enjoy animated films and my favourite by far is ‘How to train your Dragon’ (both films). ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy was just perfect!  My sisters and I have watched it so many times since we purchased it and at the moment, ‘The Hobbit’ movies are being released and we have been to the cinema for the two films that have been released for it and we are now anticipating the arrival of the third. I like ‘Sherlock’ and ‘Doctor Who’; they hold a great interest for me. I also watch a very large list of American shows but can get very irritated at characters very quickly. I enjoyed watching the American show, ‘Dexter’ and ‘White Collar’ immensely.

I listen to many genres of music, but mainly it is k-pop/k-rock/mando-pop/j-rock/pop/rock. I admire people who play musical instruments and cooperate their own work into their songs.

I do the odd sketching now and then, although I really do not the like the subject of ‘Art’ at schools due to the reason that we are given such strict deadlines and have to try and get every piece of work up to scratch.

Thanks for reading y’all, I hope I didn’t bore you too much